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Version History

This page lists the version history of iSquare ezyCheque Standard Edition 3 release. (2013-09-17)


  • Bug Fix: Error when providing empty license key in Getting Started Wizard.
  • Bug Fix: Error when printing created transaction if “Created” filter is selected.
  • Bug Fix: When connecting to server timeout, clicking Previous button will not disable Finish button and enable Next button. (2013-08-29)

New enhancement and bugfixes:

  • Minor Enhancement: PV Details can be moved or insert in the middle.
  • Minor Enhancement: The selected PV record will remain selected after editing, saving and close it.
  • Minor Enhancement: Payment Voucher can be printed in A4 (Portrait) paper size.
  • Minor Enhancement: Payment Voucher's total amount is shown after the details' lines.
  • Bug Fix: Some system showing log-in windows after the software run some times.
  • Bug Fix: Print Date and Print PV button is not activated back after a new PV is saved.
  • Bug Fix: Negative value in PV Details is not shown as negative in the windows.
  • Bug Fix: When existing cheque is save twice with new PV Details, duplicate PV Details will be saved and error shown in printing PV.
  • Bug Fix: Menu About is not opening the proper page in Options windows. (2013-08-05)

New enhancement and bugfixes:

  • Enhancement: Add customizable Payment Voucher authorizing signature.
  • Enhancement: Report's cheque number show Bank Code only when printing All Banks report.
  • Bug Fix: Field adjustment information message box shown when wizard just started.
  • Bug Fix: Mouse wheel can't scroll cheque image if it is clicked.
  • Bug Fix: Grid line set in Bank's Setup Wizard is not reflected in Bank Setup form.
  • Bug Fix: Show multiple error if opening an invalid ezyCheque Bank File.
  • Bug Fix: Show error when printing a just edited payment voucher.
  • Bug Fix: Payment Voucher word printed too right on the paper.
  • Bug Fix: Windows 8 user keep showing unauthorized use of software.
  • Bug Fix: Record is not refreshed when print single cheque in Payment Voucher records.
  • Bug Fix: Busy cursor stop half way while creating a new company with sample data. (2013-06-07)

New features and bugfixes:

  • New feature: Added multiple printing for the same payment voucher.
  • New feature: Added double payment voucher printing on an A4 paper for original-copy purpose.
  • Enhancement: Valid licensed User do not need to setup again after a fresh install.
  • Bug Fix: Showing license has been used on another computer although it is a valid license.
  • Bug Fix: Payment Voucher cannot be printed from the user selected printer's tray. (2013-05-28)

  • BugFix: Date is not visible if Date Type changed in Bank Setup.
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